About the Project

Project Team

Following a qualifications-based selection process, a consultant team led by Mead & Hunt was selected to prepare the PSP Airport Master Plan. Mead & Hunt is an employee-owned firm with over 1,000 engineers, architects, scientists, planners, and support staff in offices nationwide, and includes more than 200 aviation professionals. Staff in various Mead & Hunt’s offices will participate in the the project with support from a number of subconsultant firms.

Stay Tuned for Updates

Project Schedule

The master planning process is beginning in March of 2023 and is scheduled for substantial completion in 2025. The majority of the planning work will be conducted in the first 12 to 18 months with the subsequent California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) work to follow. Working papers that support the planning process will be developed and released periodically throughout the project. Please refer to the project schedule for approximate timing of working papers and public open house events.

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