Palm Springs Airport Master Plan Holds First Working Group Session

In addition to the many planners, engineers, environmental scientists, architects, and aviation professionals that comprise the Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) Airport Master Plan team, the City of Palm Springs has also established a Working Group to participate in the process.

The Working Group is made up of technical and non-technical experts, elected officials, and airport staff. Its members will review white papers and draft chapters of the PSP Airport Master Plan, provide feedback, and keep their constituents up to date as the planning process proceeds.

The Working Group held its first meeting on May 3, 2023, and reviewed the project schedule, the group’s role in the process, and what an Airport Master Plan is—a federally required tool to help plan for future airport facilities—and isn’t—a business plan, a marketing plan, or a noise plan. The Working Group also dove into the airport facility inventory and the preliminary aviation forecasts. These documents provide an in-depth look at what is currently happening at the airport in terms of flights and facility constraints, and what the future may look like based on aviation activity forecasts.

The Airport Master Plan covers more than just commercial air travel and considers general aviation (all civilian flying except scheduled passenger airline service) facilities and operations. How and where different lines of business can grow at PSP is also under consideration. The Working Group examined the entire airport property, holding discussions about airport facilities, including parking for passengers and airplanes, along with discussions on carbon offsetting, and using alternate forms of energy.

The Working Group digested a tremendous amount of material, asked insightful questions, and committed to viewing future design alternatives through a lens of sustainability. The Airport Master Plan team will now use the Working Group’s feedback to develop initial terminal concepts. These concepts will be designed to improve the passenger experience and position the airport to accommodate future growth.

You can view and download the slides from the Working Group’s May meeting here.

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